What is Tech Girl ?

Tech Girl is a platform designed to support, guide and empower female and nonbinary tech founders along their entrepreneurial journey where they can share their goals and aspirations, form meaningful connections and gain critical access to the tools, resources and human capital required to launch their startup from idea to funding.

We believe our Tech Girls are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. No longer defined by 1s and 0s, they are passionate, determined and the creators of their own destiny. We want to level the playing field for these aspiring female entrepreneurs who come from all walks of life and help them to succeed based on their merits, tenacity and know-how regardless of their education, ethnicity or background.

How It Works

The Tech Girl platform enables you to discover and build your own network while gaining access to the resources and tools required to achieve your startup goals.


Create Your Profile

Share your story, background, interests, goals and startup needs as well as how you may be able to help other Tech Girl members.


Build Your Network

Discover and connect with co-founders, team members, advisors, mentors and investors based on shared interests and goals.


Launch Your Startup

Learn how to go from idea to funding with dedicated tracks and gain access to key tools, resources and professionals along the way.